Venture of Blue Revolution, Aquaculture Project in Gujarat

First Gujarati person Shri. K.C. Shah entered in fisheries Industry in 1956 and started his career to work with fisheries government offices then switch over with private companies as a marketing consultant for Sea catch product more then the decades and traveled world wide for export and observing new technology of fish production apart from Sea catch. His wide vision to do more for industry with heavy production apart from Sea catch he found as a option Aqua Culture in India. He has initially started pilot project in Shrimp production through Aquaculture with Hindustan Liver group to initiate first production in Maharashtra. Later on he decided to brief and encourage with help of Government authorities to start technology in Gujarat.

Mr. Hemant K. Shah, who had completed his education in fisheries field with processing and later on 1993 in Aquaculture at Cochin and worked with fisheries industry since last 3 decades. He has worked in processing/Export/Marketing and Aquaculture and to build up more awareness in this field has got shifted from Mumbai to Navsari. He started firstly his farm in Machchad [Navsari]. Presently having 20 Ha full fledge project running at Village-Ilav, Tal: Hansot, Dist: Bharuch and doing prawn culture with large turn over.