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Tashkand Aqua specializes in sourcing, compiling, analyzing and presenting information related to Aquaculture science and technology and business development.

We have worked with "Amar group of industries" having their export processing unit in Porbandar, Veraval & Mumbai as Purchaser / Marketing / Quality inspection from 1982 to 1993 in Mumbai.

Also we have worked at West Coast Water base / Aqua Alliance, Diu (Gujarat) & organized the prawn hatchery from Brood stock to production and marketing of entire production in Gujarat region from 1994 to 1997. Also with the above company we have marketed CP Feed nearly about 2000 tones per annum.

We have established Thaper group Water base "ULTRA" feed in Gujarat through M/s. Navsari Aqua Farms Pvt. Ltd. and sold nearly 1000 tones feed per annum during 1998 to 2001. Since 2001 we are doing individually our farms and developed by now with full fledge facilities also 2011 we have established Uni-President feed based in Vietnam and introduced in Gujarat through Hiravati International Pvt. Ltd. up to 2013 and sold nearly tones of feed to Gujarat farmers.

We are now planning to introduce new Vannamei/ Tiger feed in 2015, and will be the distributor for Gujarat region.

Also we are having distributorship for Probiotics, (Feed Supplements) of M/s. Poseidon Biotech, Microbasia based in Chennai from 2001 till date. We are having our office premises in Mumbai & Navsari and handling the all above activity on personal level.

Also, we do the consultancy for development and operational of running culture pond along with Seed, Feed, Probiotics and lastly purchase the material and supply to the exporter on professional basis in Gujarat and Maharashtra regions.

We are taking care as a Consultant for Hiravati/ Amar Group of Industries head quarter in Porbandar and having their branches in Veraval and Mumbai (Aquaculture Division) who are coming up with 500 million capacity of prawn hatchery in Porbandar district very soon. Also they are coming up in Aqua farming in Jamnagar district for development of nearly 700 hectors.

Now Tashkand Aqua is looking for the entrepreneurs and having interested to develop in Aquaculture i.e. prawn farming & feed manufacture unit which is now very essential due to lots of new developments coming up in Gujarat region.

If you are in this business, or thinking of getting involve in Aqua business or starting of feed manufacture plant then Tashkand Aqua is your consultant of choice.

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